Finishes & Colors

Enjoy Life Outdoors

Natural Finishes

Wood is the look that never goes out of style. Our Natural Finishes lumber mimics the look and feel of real wood, but comes without the splitting and rotting. The smooth, worn feel of the Natural Finishes lumber will give your outdoor space a whole new ambiance.

Antique Mahogany natural finish

Antique Mahogany

Driftwood Gray natural finish

Driftwood Gray

Birch natural finish


Poly Color Choices

From bold tropical to natural tones, you'll find your favorite hue. Mix any two colors together for a two-tone look.

Dove Gray poly color

Dove Gray

Gray poly color


White poly color


Nutmeg poly color


Brown poly color


Green poly color


Patriot Blue poly color

Patriot Blue

Cedar poly color


Black poly color


Cherry Wood poly color

Cherry Wood

Weatherwood Wood poly color


Ivory Wood poly color


Royal Blue Wood poly color

Royal Blue

Red Wood poly color


Turquoise Wood poly color


Yellow Wood poly color


Orange Wood poly color


Lime Green Wood poly color

Lime Green

Ocean Blue Wood poly color

Ocean Blue

Fabric Color Choices

The Casual Comfort line offers a wide range of world-famous Sunbrella™ fabric colors and patterns for the perfect touch of class.

Fabric Colors A
Canvas Aruba fabric color

Canvas Aruba

Canvas Sunflower fabric color

Canvas Sunflower

Canvas Brick fabric color

Canvas Brick

Canvas Natural fabric color

Canvas Natural

Canvas Black fabric color

Canvas Black

Spectrum Crimson fabric color

Spectrum Crimson

Canvas Macaw fabric color

Canvas Macaw

Canvas Tangerine fabric color

Canvas Tangerine

Canvas Pacific Blue fabric color

Canvas Pacific Blue

Canvas Air Blue fabric color

Canvas Air Blue

Spectrum Mist fabric color

Spectrum Mist

Bravada Limelite fabric color

Bravada Limelite

Milano Cobalt fabric color

Milano Cobalt

Milano Char fabric color

Milano Char

Dolce Oasis fabric color

Dolce Oasis

Dip Dye Aloe fabric color

Dip Dye Aloe

Peyton Granite fabric color

Peyton Granite

Passage Poppy fabric color

Passage Poppy

Harwood Crimson fabric color

Harwood Crimson

Foster Surfside fabric color

Foster Surfside

Brannon Redwood fabric color

Brannon Redwood

Berenson Tuxedo fabric color

Berenson Tuxedo

Dolce Mango fabric color

Dolce Mango

Scope Cape fabric color

Scope Cape

Cabana Classic fabric color

Cabana Classic

Traveler Lakeside fabric color

Traveler Lakeside

Dupione Dove fabric color

Dupione Dove

Cove Cameo fabric color

Cove Cameo

Token Surfside fabric color

Token Surfside

Echo Limelight fabric color

Echo Limelight

Reel Parchment fabric color

Reel Parchment

Canvas Logo Red fabric color

Canvas Logo Red

Stanton Brownstone fabric color

Stanton Brownstone

Foster Metallic fabric color

Foster Metallic

Bravada Salsa fabric color

Bravada Salsa

Canvas Navy fabric color

Canvas Navy

Canvas Granite fabric color

Canvas Granite

Brannon Whisper fabric color

Brannon Whisper

Viento Nautical fabric color

Viento Nautical

Fabric Colors B
Cabaret Blue Haze fabric color

Cabaret Blue Haze

Blox Slat fabric color

Blox Slat

Reflex Classic fabric color

Reflex Classic

Reflex Regatta fabric color

Reflex Regatta

Chartres Malt fabric color

Chartres Malt

Chartres Storm fabric color

Chartres Storm

Chartres Mist fabric color

Chartres Mist

Fabric Colors C
Accord Crimson fabric color

Accord Crimson

Violetta Baltic fabric color

Violetta Baltic

Fretwork Flax fabric color

Fretwork Flax

Bevel Smoke fabric color

Bevel Smoke

Meander Pebble fabric color

Meander Pebble

Meander Shamrock fabric color

Meander Shamrock

Rialto Mist fabric color

Rialto Mist

Rialto Ash fabric color

Rialto Ash

Empire Dove fabric color

Empire Dove

Sling Fabric Color Choices

Sling fabrics manufactured by Phifertex.

Garden Green fabric color

Garden Green

Wind Stripe fabric color

Wind Stripe

Dupioni Poolside fabric color

Dupioni Poolside

Delray Stripe fabric color

Delray Stripe

Dupione Sapphire fabric color

Dupione Sapphire

Christmas Red fabric color

Christmas Red

Whateley Dune fabric color

Whateley Dune

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